A Satyr for Christmas








Chastity Michaels doesn’t want to review the hottest new rock band, A Mythical Dilemma. When sexy and enigmatic Cyprian Agrios first crosses her path, they clash horribly. They don’t have a thing in common, but he becomes a challenge that’s all too exciting to ignore, especially when she has nothing else to do during the Christmas holiday.

After Cyprian helped save the world, his human bandmates weren’t quite sure what to do with that knowledge. The lead singer quit the band, leaving Cyprian to take over as frontman. A move that launches them from popularity overseas to breakout stardom in the U.S. The problem? His stage “prosthetics” aren’t fake at all. He’s really a satyr, and the more famous they become, the sooner his secret is bound to come out.

When an explosive accusation threatens to ruin his career a few days before the band’s big Christmas performance, Chastity finds herself compelled to help him through the PR nightmare. But does her assistance only make it worse when the gods of Olympus step in?



“What the hell was that?” The voice was feminine and rang of disdain and unbridled fury. Cyprian’s lips twitched into a grin. It had all been worth it for this face-to-face right here. He turned, finally getting to see her in all her splendor. The stage had hidden her from below her chest, and what a chest it was.

The woman had a perfect hourglass figure, dressed in a soft blue button-down—clearly ironed after every wash, if not dry-cleaned since she seemed the dry-clean type—tucked into a charcoal-gray pencil skirt that showcased her figure to its advantage. She’d worn pantyhose to a rock concert and a pair of modest gray heels. Suede, if he wasn’t mistaken.

“You are one hundred percent out of your element here, aren’t you?” He hadn’t meant to speak that aloud. She glared. Yeah, there was a ferocious passion in this one, and he hardened at the thought of getting beneath all her layers to taste it firsthand.

“Don’t change the subject,” she bit out. Was she really angry or just frustrated by lack of understanding? “What was that? How did you do it?”

Yup, he was a dumb, dumb dummy. “Do what?” If he was already dumb, playing dumb should be simple, right? He batted his eyes for good measure.

“You know what?”

“Doll,” he said, stepping closer to her. She sucked in a breath and backed up, nearly tripping over her feet in those pumps as she hit the wall. Cyprian braced a hand near her head and leaned in, looking her up and down. Unfortunately, the button-up hid a lot of her from view. He had a good enough imagination to make up for it though. “I get asked questions that vague all the time for a number of reasons. Specify.”

Her lips pressed into a hard line and she scowled. He wanted to laugh but didn’t. Even when she was irate, she was absolutely gorgeous, and if he wanted to get her in his bed, and he did, he had to be fully on his game. He reached with his free hand and flicked the badge that had turned around backward on her lanyard. “The press, huh?” Don’t say it… “Press whatever you want against me. I won’t mind.” Idiot. He honestly wouldn’t blame her if she wrote her entire piece about sexual harassment. He needed to pull himself back before he crossed the line any further.


© 2019 Rebekah Lewis.