The Monster in the Attic










An erotic paranormal SHORT STORY

After Kayla Swan discovers a mysterious rock in the attic, strange things start to occur. At first, it seems as though someone—or something—is in the house with her at night. Then a mysterious man arrives on her doorstep to ask all sorts of weird questions. But when she meets…him, nothing will ever be the same again.


A second series of clipped knocks echoed, and she sighed. It might be important to her aunt and uncle, so she should probably see what the person wanted and send them on their way. A snort escaped her when she remembered that the criminals in Home Alone would stake out houses where the owners were on vacation, and she had to make sure people saw the house was being occupied to keep them away. As she neared the front door, the person knocked again.

“I’m coming. I’m coming! Hold on just a min—” Kayla’s words died on her tongue when she opened the door. A man in an all black suit, complete with tie, stood on her doorstep. His eyes were hidden by a pair of equally black sunglasses, but his long hair was the color of cinnamon and secured in a bun on the back of his head. The hair style did not match the suit. Yet, she didn’t dare laugh. He had fair skin, chiseled features, and a clean-shaven jaw. The man was attractive, she’d give him that. But she was pretty damn sure she wasn’t going to be buying whatever he was selling. She opened her mouth to say so, and he cut her off by raising a hand. Her eyebrows shot up in response.

“I won’t take up much of your time, ma’am.” He pulled a cell phone out of his jacket pocket and thumbed the screen several times. Then he turned the phone to face her. “Did you post this last night?”

She was looking at her photo and question about the rock. It had been shared over a dozen times and had over forty comments. “Yeah. So?” Her eyes narrowed as she looked the man up in down. Who in the Men in Black did he think he was?  Shit… Was he a man in black? Was that a thing? Like…for real for real? Was he Project Blue Booking her? Was this The X-Files or some shit? “You FBI?” she blurted.

His lips turned up on one side ever so slightly. How did a man have such a perfect jawline? Even though he was cleanshaven, he didn’t look younger than thirty, but—okay she needed to stop gawking at him.

“My people are a bit higher up than that.”

Shit… CIA maybe? What the hell was that rock?

“May I examine the crystal, please. It is of great import.”

Who spoke like that? Was it an alien rock? Holy crap, had an alien beamed himself into the bathroom to steal it back? She didn’t believe in aliens, but the rock had been there and now it was gone. “If I still had it, sure. But I don’t. Sorry.”

The man sighed and slipped his phone back in his pocket. Then he crossed his arms, probably to intimidate her. Men were always trying to do that. “You’re lying to me,” he said.

And just like that, her humoring this guy was over. She wasn’t about to be called a liar by a complete stranger. “First of all, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for not believing me. However, I am telling you the truth, and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a fuck. You need to remove yourself from this property or I’m calling the police.” At least this time she had a reason. Besides, if he was a government official, wouldn’t he have flashed a badge?

All the man did was smirk at her, but after several moments of them staring each other down, him waiting for her to flinch most likely, he nodded and turned away. As he reached the car parked in the road in front of the house—a black Jaguar, naturally—she stood her ground until he slowly drove away. She had no doubt he was still watching her until he was out of sight.

Kayla locked the door, and made sure all the windows and doors on the first floor were equally locked. She’d wanted to run errands, but now seemed like as good a time as any to test out one of those online delivery services. If that man wanted the rock, or crystal, whatever it was… he was going to try to get it one way or another. Something about him unnerved her, and it wasn’t his good looks. She just couldn’t figure out what, exactly, put her on edge around him.

© 2019 Rebekah Lewis.