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Chastity Michaels doesn’t want to review the hottest new rock band, A Mythical Dilemma. When sexy and enigmatic Cyprian Agrios first crosses her path, they clash horribly. They don’t have a thing in common, but he becomes a challenge that’s all too exciting to ignore, especially when she has nothing else to do during the Christmas holiday.

After Cyprian helped save the world, his human bandmates weren’t quite sure what to do with that knowledge. The lead singer quit the band, leaving Cyprian to take over as frontman. A move that launches them from popularity overseas to breakout stardom in the U.S. The problem? His stage “prosthetics” aren’t fake at all. He’s really a satyr, and the more famous they become, the sooner his secret is bound to come out.

When an explosive accusation threatens to ruin his career a few days before the band’s big Christmas performance, Chastity finds herself compelled to help him through the PR nightmare. But does her assistance only make it worse when the gods of Olympus step in?



On Sale December 3, 2019



Recent New Releases





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