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GodsandMonsters_200x300Is Hermes still Hermes without his speed?

For so long, Hermes has been defined by the powers possessing the caduceus entails. Giving it up was necessary, but something is missing. Feeling incomplete upon his return to the mortal realm, Hermes turns to the one person who can fill the void within him. The one person he’d already given his heart to. Who had broken it thoroughly once before. Who now possesses the very thing he had to give up for disobeying an edict from Zeus…

Hybris is free from her accursed power over hubris, and she is not going to take it for granted. She can now have everything she’s ever wanted, admit anything she’s ever kept secret, and love freely—but what if Hermes comes to resent her for it? Without hubris, her self-doubt is allowed free reign, and she does not like it one bit.

When a vengeful dragon comes after their son, Pan, on his wedding day, Hermes and Hybris must break Zeus’ edict one more time. Interfering with the affairs of satyrs is impossible to avoid when it becomes personal. The real question they both have is whether their interference will bring them together at last or send them both to the depths of Tartarus in the end.


On Sale October 12, 2021

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