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requiemforasatyr_smallA satyr with nothing left to lose. A thirst for vengeance. A love that could doom everyone.

Calix has nothing left to live for—except revenge. All he thinks about, all he longs for, is removing Theron from this Earth before he hurts anyone else. He definitely doesn’t have time or patience to embark on a quest to slay a dragon. Nor does he have time for the beautiful mortal woman he can never call his own. But the Fates have other plans…

Darcy isn’t looking for a relationship. So, when she finds a satyr hiding in her apartment, she isn’t exactly thrilled. Yet, something about Calix draws her to him with an intensity that borders on frightening. His sadness is palpable, and all she longs for is making him smile. Feeling his touch. His kiss…

But Theron won’t rest until he destroys Calix in every way. When he learns about Darcy, his plan takes a macabre form. Combine that with a dragon who longs to free the Titans and end the world—there’s little hope that Calix and the Satyroi can win this fight without sacrifice.

The thrilling conclusion to The Cursed Satyroi series.



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