2 NEW Short Stories–ON SALE NOW

Hello dear readers,

As a thank you for putting up with the long stretches between new releases while I fight to pay the rent, I concocted two short stories (and yes, they are VERY short. About 6,000 or so words a pop) to tide you over (like a sexy appetizer) while The Satyr Prince is still in the editing and proofreading stages.


Monsters in the Dark are written in the styling of erotic horror/monster erotica. HOWEVER, before you shriek, “Ew!!!!” and run out the door, I am asking you to trust me. The creatures in these stories are bipedal humanoids (telling you what they are ruin the surprise!). I do encourage readers to read them as a set, however, since the ending of the first can feel abrupt (and it is, but that’s how they roll with that genre quite often). The second story ties things up for both (the characters from the first are mentioned and seen again). By the end of the second story, there is a paranormal romance vibe to it, though it’s not instalove. It’s very much about lust with the hope for romance in the future. The reason these are sold separately rather than together is because I hope to write a few more in this set and then put them together for print and a digital anthology/boxset, but for that to happen I need to see if people *like* these stories enough to spend time writing the others. Please leave reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads so I can see if there is interest.

Before anyone asks, no I am not going to stick to this genre style for all my future projects, just for this series. However, the “monsters” are part of the world building I am doing for a WIP so if they get positive feed back I may push that series up the timeline.

Both stories are enlisted in the Kindle Unlimited program. I hope you enjoy them, and I cannot wait to share The Satyr Prince with you on May 12. Pre-order it if you haven’t already!

CLICK HERE for The Monster Under the Bed

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