It’s the week of Satyr from the Shadows’ release, which means it’s a week long party for me. I’m hosting a Facebook release party with other terrific authors. There will be prizes and book giveaways. It takes place Friday, see the link below.

First surprise of the day: Satyr from the Shadows is available in print 6 days early! Depending on shipping speed, you may be able to get it before Friday. It is already up on Createspace and Amazon. The eBook still releases friday, but is available to preorder for the discounted $2.99 until August 1, where it goes to full price. If you would rather have the digital version earlier than friday, only one person so far is eligable to win one of the two ebook ARCs I am giving away mentioned in the previous blog post. Your chances are high!

RLewis_TCSvol1collection_200x300Second surprise: I’m experimenting with Kindle Unlimited. Since Mercury Rising isn’t doing well, I am assuming it is because it takes place mid-series and is a spinoff, I bundled Wicked Satyr Nights, Midnight at the Satyr Inn, and Under the Satyr Moon for Kindle Unlimited customers to read the series in order. Mercury Rising is still on KU until the end of August, and it comes after Under the Satyr Moon, before Satyr from the Shadows. Basically, if you are a KU subscriber you can read the ENTIRE Cursed Satyroi series thusfar until the new release without paying more than your subscription fee. 😉  If you are not KU, The Cursed Satyroi, Vol. 1  is exclusive to Amazon, but you can purchase it for $6.99 and save 3 dollars off buying separately.

Join us Friday, July 31, for an online Release Party!

Updating my website again

I can’t help myself. I am always changing things. While I liked the last site layout, this one is a bit simpler and more elegant. Quick update while I am at it… Satyr from the Shadows is with the editor! YAY. It’s still on track for the July 31 release date (I’m so excited!)

Meanwhile Wicked Satyr Nights is back in print. Under the Satyr Moon is in review and should be next week. The first editions are still available through my square store and my website for signed copies.