New Release!

When I was writing Under the Satyr Moon, the most difficult part was cutting back on Hermes scenes as he was quickly taking over every time he appeared. I knew I wanted to give him his own book, but it was tricky. His backstory had been set up already, and if he rekindled that old flame with the one woman he’s ever loved it couldn’t be done in a few days and be neat and tidy. It’s way more complicated than that. They would need breaks between the points of their reconnecting and things would still occur in the main series in those moments.

Hence the trilogy of novellas was born. Mercury Rising takes place at the start of Satyr from the Shadows and Pride Before the Fall overlaps the back half of The Satyr Prince. However, you don’t really need to read the main Cursed Satyroi series to enjoy this one (though there may be a few spoilers for that series.)

I hope you enjoy Pride Before the Fall and will join me on the next journey into the Cursed Satyroi world, All Hallows’ Satyr which is on the the slate to be written after I finish The Enchanting and a new book titled The Harbinger. Keep a look out on my site, on social media, and in my newsletter for new release dates and more!

Pride Before the Fall can be purchased from your favorite retailer through THIS LINK


And don’t forget, I will be signing books at a multi-author event called Escape into Books in Atlanta, GA on August 5th. More info on my website in the events tab. Hope to see you there!