Audiobook Changes

All Hallows’ Satyr

A couple notes for over all:

-Destroyer sounded fantastic! 😀

-Pan’s voice is a little too much, as we discussed. He was the first romance hero of the series, and the Jersey accent doesn’t give a romance hero feel. I have him noted for Chapter 7, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19 (unless he slipped into any of the other chapters and I missed him lol)

-London and Darcy sound the same. Since Darcy is only speaking in 2 scenes, it would be easier to fix that one. I didn’t picture her with a southern accent. There’s not really a lot of strong accents here in Savannah anymore. I have Darcy noted for Chapter 1 and 8

-Daphne and Melancton sound like they are Romanian or Russian, I’m not sure I like it but I’m not asking for these to be fixed. If you end up working on any other books in this series, can we drop those accents for them for those? Since all of them came from Greece, it’s weird only those 2 have such thick accents.

-There doesn’t seem to be pauses for scene/pov breaks in chapters so the POV just head-hops occasionally without any warning.


16:23 – Hephaestion (this word gives everyone trouble lol) Huh-fest-EE-in I don’t have this marked again so if it came up again I didn’t hear it.


8:36 – Lamia (LAY-me-uh)

9:05 – Lamia


4:30 -“her gaze met Adonis’ furious gaze” Wow, I must have been tired to have missed that and all my editors too. I am going to change that in book to “She met Adonis’ furious gaze.” Please correct this. Sorry!!! LOL


-Theron sounds different here than before. Liked the previous voice better.


-Can take out the “The end or only the beginning” I forgot to remove it from the script. It was there to lead into the tease for Gods and Monsters. Not needed in audio.