Pronunciation Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is how to pronounce character names and some of the Greek words. There may be variations on how they are pronounced based on accent/region and if you are actually Greek (or Roman in some cases)…which I am not.  I also have included a short glossary and did my best to avoid major spoilers.


ADONIS (ah-don-us) – Boeotian satyr and twin to Ariston.

AMBROSIA (am-bro-zuh) – a substance which grants immortality. Only Zeus, his siblings through Cronus and Rhea, and his full-blooded Olympian children are capable of gifting pure ambrosia.

ANTHE (an-THEE) – a maenad and Theron’s lover.

ARCADIAN (ar-kay-dee-in) – Satyrs who followed Pan to Arcadia after the curse. Physical characteristic being they have curled ram horns. Thirteen in total: Pan, Ariston, Evander, Calix, Jacen, Orestes, Nestor, Xanto, Iakovos, Silas, Zale, Cyprian, Layland.

ARISTON (ah-riss-tahn) – Arcadian satyr and twin to Adonis. Pan’s closest friend.

ATROPOS (ah-tro-paus) – One of the Fates. Cuts the thread.

BOEOTIAN (be-oh-shun) – Satyrs who remained with Dionysus after the curse. Physical characteristic being they have straight horns protruding from the top of their heads. Twelve in total: Dionysus, Silenus, Melancton, Adonis, Chrysander, Pavlo, Theron, Lykon, Eneas, Grigoryi, Elek, Maron

BREMUSA (bree-mew-suh) – Amazon warrior. [read Satyr from the Shadows to learn more]

CADUCEUS (ka-due-see-us) – A staff with wings on the top and two snaked rapped around the shaft. Associated with Hermes. Greek word: karykeion. (opted to use the Latin based on the fact it is more recognizable)

CALIX (Cal-icks) – Arcadian satyr. Best friend to Orestes. Works at The Aegean Inn.

CENTAUR (Sin-tar) -Head and torso of a man, lower body of a horse.

CHITON (ki-tin) – Simple ancient Greek garment.

CHRYSANDER (cry-san-der) – Boeotian satyr. Chrys for short (pronounced Chris)

CLOTHO (kloh-thoh) – One of the Fates. Spins the thread.

DIONYSUS (die-oh-nye-sees) – God of wine and excess. Runs Bach Industries under the guise of Dion Bach (pronounced: die-on bock)

EILEITHYIA (ee-lee-thee-uh) Olympian goddess of childbirth.

EVANDER (ev-AN-der) – Arcadian satyr and former prince of the island Dia. Works at The Aegean Inn. Goes by Vander (van-der).

HEPHAESTUSIAN STEEL (heh-fes-tus-ian) –  a special metal forged by the god Hephaestus.

HERMES (her-mees) – Olympian god. Zeus’ messenger. Pan’s father.

HYADES (hi-uh-dees) – Five nymph sisters, daughters of Atlas. When they grieved for the loss of their brother, Hyas, Greece would gain an abundance of rain.

HYBRIS (hi-briss) – Goddess of hubris. Pan’s mother.

JACEN (jay-son) – Arcadian satyr. Works at The Aegean Inn.

KITHAIRON (kith-air-ren) – a mountain in Greece between Attica and Boeotia. Dionysus is fond of it.

KYLIX (ki-licks) – A drinking dish with two handles used in ancient times.

LACHESIS (la-chis-sus) – One of the Fates. Apportions the thread.

LEONIDAS (lee-oh-nigh-dus) – Pan and Kat’s son. [read Mercury Rising to learn more]

LETUM (lay-tome) – A Latin term for dead. Zombie like creatures which result due to a negative reaction to ambrosia or tainted ambrosia.

MEANADS (may-nads) – Dionysus’ attempt to create female counterparts for the Boeotian satyrs. Primitive, destructive creatures which the Olympians ordered to be executed.

MELANCTON (me-LAN-ston) Boeotian satyr. Warrior from Athens.

MOIRAI (moy-rye) – The three Fates: Themis, Clotho, and Lachesis

NYMPH (nimf) – All female race descended from the Primordial goddess, Gaia. Only creature capable of breaking the curse of the Satyroi.

ORESTES (ah-ress-tees) – Arcadian satyr. Best friend to Calix. Works at The Aegean Inn

PAVLO (pahv-low) – Boeotian satyr. Syrinx’s half-brother

PEPLOS (pep-las) – Ancient Greek feminine dress.

SATYR (say-ter) – Legend portrays them as half man/half goat. All were cursed to their form having been fully human (or Olympian) so they are not part goat. The do, however, have cloven hooves and horns. (there is a variation based on region where the a sound differs to make it sat-er. However, say-ter is the preferred version.)

SATYROS (say-ter-rhos) Singular Greek form of satyr.

SATYROI (say-ter-roy) Plural Greek form of satyrs. In the series the characters are creatures called satyrs, their cursed race is called Satyroi.

SILENUS (sy-leen-us) – Boeotian Satyr. Betrothed to Syrinx. Eldest of the Satyroi.

SYRINX (sear-inks) 1. A water nymph coveted by Pan. 2. A magical set of panpipes created by Pan from the water reeds that marked where Syrinx was laid to rest.

THERON (thee-ron) Boeotian satyr. Has a crooked nose.

THYRSUS (ther-sus) – a scepter sized staff made of wood. Pinecone design at the top, vine design around the shaft. Carried by followers of Dionysus.

THYRSI (ther-sigh) – plural of thyrsus

VRYKOLAKAS (vree-koe-la-kahs) A vampire creature from Greek lore.

XIPHOS (zee-fus) – Greek short sword.

XYLON (zy-lon) – centaur. Servent in Artemis’ temple.