The Monster in the Mirror










An erotic paranormal SHORT STORY

Everything comes to an end. Brynjar of the Dökkálfar is King Eerikki’s trained assassin. When a banished elf has taken part in a forbidden relationship, he is sent to take care of the problem. As fate would have it, the Ljósálfar have also taken notice…and evolution has a funny way of making itself known.

Enjoy the thrilling conclusion to Monsters in the Dark.



Bright light and searing pain washed over him, and he clenched his teeth against crying out as he pulled himself farther into the room and dropped to the side, away from the agonizing floodlights. A booted foot tapped impatiently in his peripheral vision.

Turning his focus on the intruder, he discovered that the black, thigh-high boot revealed pale, feminine thighs below a black leather miniskirt and lacy crop top. The woman these belonged to smirked at him—or light elf, to be more specific, by the way she stared in his direction as if she knew exactly what he was. She had black hair and black lipstick to complete her risque outfit, but her nails were long, and blood red. The hilt of a bladed weapon stuck up from the top of one of her boots. Brynjar had never known a light elf to dress in such a way, but there was a first time for anything.

He cursed himself. He’d been careless enough to not realize he’d walked into a trap. The trio next door weren’t the only ones in a warded house. Apparently this one had let him in, but he couldn’t get back out—unless he killed the being who placed the runic magic there, and he had a feeling he was looking at her. Evidently, the light elf wasn’t going to give him time to fully regain his wits. She slammed her hands on her hips and leaned toward him. “What exactly did you think you were going to do?”

Wait… Her gaze appeared to be falling directly on him, and instinctively, he tilted his head so his long, dark hair covered his marred cheek. Not that he cared what a light elf thought. Habit was habit, after all. “Can you see me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Your outline. When you shapeshift, however…”

Brynjar cringed. His animal forms, though they were dark in color, were more visible in this realm than his elf form. “I’m aware.” That still didn’t make him feel better about letting his guard down. He should have known light elves would be hanging around. No doubt for similar reasons. “Why’d you stop me? We both want the same thing.”

The light from the flood-lamps highlighted her shocked expression, and then she laughed, quickly recovering and crossing her arms over her chest. The swell of her breasts under the lace top brought his attention back to her chest. When his cock began to twitch to attention, he closed his eyes and tried to fight the lust back. She was attractive, perfectly formed as all the light elves were. But she was forbidden fruit, and the last thing either of them needed was to cause even more turmoil between their kinds.

Yet, as he opened his eyes again and truly paid her form attention, he noticed new things about her, like the fact that even from several feet away she smelled like some sort of flower. He never knew the names of flowers since none bloomed in the caverns beneath the earth where he was from. And she wasn’t wearing anything under the sheer, lace top, which was made shockingly apparent when she uncrossed her arms and placed her hands back on her hips. He hadn’t been looking at her with shameless lust at first and now that he’d started, it was like he couldn’t stop. And gods, he needed to stop this madness.


© 2019 Rebekah Lewis.