A Week Later….

Well, peeps….I have returned from my vacation in New Orleans. Run down, tired, but happily recovering from a terrific week with friends and fun.  When I arrived last friday, on the day of the release, there was a cake waiting on me at the hotel. We had a bit of a book release party on the fifth floor of La Pavillon. Fun times. (I love my friends!)

During the weekend the book became available via four online retailers:

Breathless Press


All Romance eBooks


Yes, it is only digital format only at the moment. If sales are decent enough it could go to print, which would be amazing. 🙂

I have heard from a few readers who have enjoyed WSN, and it thrills me that it is getting positive feedback! I don’t want to be one of those authors that hound you for reviews so I am going to get it said here, and leave the subject alone: please do not be afraid to review the books. Particularly at Amazon and on Goodreads will help it the most, I believe. I know many a reader who take reviews into consideration before buying a book from a new author, so this could help me out a lot! Just sayin’. 😉

Further more, I linked it on facebook while I was out but Lee Brazil crawled into bed with Pan last weekend. See the interview here.

And mark your calendars because I will be spending the day at Bitten By Books on November 27 doing a guest blog, hanging with the readers in the comment section, and doing a giveaway of a $25 Amazon gift card and some copies of WSN.

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