IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!

*Pops the champagne* It’s here! Jacen and London’s story is here! As well as stories from RavagedVol2_453x680six other phenomenal authors. It should be on Breathless Press, All Romance, and Bookstrand already. It will appear on Amazon and Smashwords soon. Barnes and Nobles will take longer since it goes through Smashwords and there is a delay. If you have a nook, BP, All Romance, and Smashwords should have the ePub format available which is compatible with your device. 😉

Stay tuned for the Ravaged Blog Tour for 7 chances to win a copy of Ravaged: Volume 2.

Today (Dec 3) – Leona Bushman

Dec 4 – Check my blog for an exclusive interview with Calix and Orestes!

Dec 5- Persephone Jones

Dec 6- Brantwijn Serrah

Dec 7- Jenn Myers

Dec 8- Ella Grey

Dec 9- Lucien Didier

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