So I had a dream about Loki

Thor-Loki-PosterRandomly blogging about a dream I had because I would like to remember this one in the future once I have forgotten it. I will prelude this with the fact that Thor did not appear in my dream, was not mentioned in my dream, nor was he even someone I knew of in the dream. Which, while sad, also eliminated the super hot blond Asgardian option. Perhaps that was also a trick of Loki’s. Who knows, since I got woken up. And now…the dream.

I dreamed I was working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Why, I do not know. I haven’t watched the show for a week and I haven’t watched any of the Thor movies for longer than that. But somehow this dream happened in my subconscious despite all that. Now, I wasn’t any high ranking agent. I had a boring desk job (which would be awesome compared to my real day job…just sayin’) and somehow, someway, when running an errand for said job since I didn’t have an assistant to do it, I ran into Loki. I knew who he was, I had seen the news and read the email that went out to all of the employees saying to avoid him at all costs, but he was intriguing. The words exchanged were brief, but he let me live…which surprised considering the email had convinced me I’d be D.O.A. if our paths crossed. I was certain he knew who I was, where I worked, and that I knew more about him than what I would know from the media coverage from the events of The Avengers movie (which somehow excluded Thor in this dream.)

Feeling like I’d betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D. by interacting with a known enemy and not reporting him, I returned home instead of to work, packed a bag, grabbed the box of my books and notebook containing author stuff (because I was still writing as Rebekah Lewis in the dream despite the rest of my life having a drastic change from reality) and the USB with my works in progress, and made a run for it. I purchased a disposable phone and called a friend a few towns over, and she agreed to harbor me for a few days. I told her what had happened and she thought it was romantic. Me? I thought she was insane to find romance out of the whole thing when it hadn’t been romantic. Loki hadn’t hit on me…had he?

No. I was quite certain he hadn’t.

But the thought still tugged at me…why I didn’t turn him in immediately. I could have easily texted S.H.I.E.L.D. the moment I left his eyesight to alert them of Loki’s presence, but I hadn’t.

Meanwhile, when I vanished without a trace, S.H.I.E.L.D. labeled me a missing person and planted my picture all over the news. I was forced to stay hidden. Loki apparently recognized me when he happened upon a reporting of it somewhere, and curious what had happened tracked me down. He thought it was odd I didn’t betray him to my higher ups, and knew I’d worked for them the entire time. It was all a part of his plan, he said, to lure them their…but I had acted against his expectations.

When he left, so I thought, my friend gushed about how mysteriously handsome he is and that he couldn’t be all evil, and that he tracked me down for a reason.

Yeah, curiosity. That’s all.

But now I was curious, and I did remark that he was mysterious and handsome and had a sexy voice. But I also told my friend that there was no way he was interested in me outside of using me as a pawn which he’d admitted he’d done.

Apparently my confusion spawned his confusion through eavesdropping, and he decided that I did, in fact like him despite the fact that I didn’t even know if I did or not. And so he stuck around that day, out of sight, and when I sneaked out that night to travel unseen, he hid in the backseat, nearly causing me to run off the highway when he revealed his presence.

He spent that night’s drive, and several others (using his powers to disguise me and him when I needed to go into public or get gas so I wasn’t reported as being found) trying to convince me that I did like him.

And, just as I began to suspect I did, and I thought he was about to kiss me….




Sigh. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. I hate you, alarm clock. I hate you so much.


My brain becomes a self-written fanfic of its own accord. LOL  I guess love for the bad boys is alive and well. For now, I must get ready for another day of my less exciting day job.

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