UtSM in PRINT this Friday!

which means….blog tour time. *keels over* Here’s what the schedule looks like:

Tues, July 8 – Katie Babbles (guest blog-tips on writing dialogue)

Wed, July 9 – Breathless Blog (interview)

Wed, July 9 – Book Hostage (spotlight post)

Wed, July 9 – You Gotta Read (interview)

Thur, July 10 – Books & More (guest blog – songs that inspire the Cursed Satyroi)

Fri, July 11 – Romance Junkies (interview)

Sat, July 12 – Views and Reviews (spotlight post)

Tues, July 15 – Pamaceeve (spotlight post)

Tues July 15 – Sizzling Hot Books (interview + a teaser from Melancton’s book)

You can preorder copies of Under the Satyr Moon from Breathless Press, but it won’t be available to order on Amazon and other stores for a few days or so. I can’t wait to get my copies. Pan needs a friend on my shelf! (for some reason the image is appearing much darker here than it is on the actual file)



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