Happy Halloween!

It’s no trick that the perfect Halloween treat is on sale now!HermesonSale

Mercury Rising is available in eBook format, links are on this page.

Meanwhile, I have followed through on my promise and have a silly post for you today. Is more difficult to be an Arcadian or Boeotian satyr? I purchased two sets of foam horns, one is a pair of Maleficent horns and are a bit more spirally than Boeotian horns, but for the sake of this post…they will do. I even grabbed my 5.5 inch wedges for the hoof effect. Yeah. I went all out. LOL

Can a satyr….brush their hair easily?horns

Arcadians have a bit more of a challenge, though Boeotians, it’s not that bad. I am beginning to understand why Ariston just didn’t care and Orestes cut his off.

Can a satyr…reach into the back of the cabinets in the kitchen?

Both could, though Boeotians have to squat lower if they have to poke their head through the opening.

Can a satyr…collect items that have fallen under the desk?

headphoneBResults mirrored the experiment with the cabinets.

Can a satyr…wear headphones?

Boeotians can wear regular headphones just fine. Arcadians are better off with a pair of earbuds

Can a satyr…put on a t-shirt?

This one would have worked better had the horns been attached to my head and not made of foam. However, it was easier for the Boeotian horns, but still a challenge. Arcadians have to put them on like the arms: one horn at a time. I am thinking they probably much prefer button-ups. No wonder they prefer nudity.

HatBCan a satyr…lay comfortably in a bed?

Boeotian’s either need no headboard and to have a gap between the head of the bed and the wall for their horns, or they have to sleep farther down the bed, with their feet off the end. Melancton says it is better to just sleep on the floor. LOL Arcadians can only sleep on their back.hatA

Can a satyr… get into a car?

Under the cover of darkness….at 3am, I did this. Surprised no one called the cops on my weird arse….Arcadians had no issue. Boeotians have a bit of trouble.

Can phoneBa satyr…wear a hat?

Boeotians…no. Not a chance. Unless you poke holes in the top. Arcadians, depending on the hat, can wearthem.

Can a satyr…talk on a telephone.

Arcadians prefer think cellphones and Bluetooth devices. Boeotians laugh at their struggle.

And last but not least, for fun….


The struggle is real for the Arcadians. Overall, Boeotians have it far easier.

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