Guess who’s coming baaaaaaack?

aegeaninnThose of you who read the short story, “Midnight at the Satyr Inn” found in Ravaged: Volume 2 were introduced to four Arcadian satyrs running a B&B style-esque establishment in Savannah. The Aegean Inn returns! You got to see Vander again in Mercury Rising, but he’s baaaaaack along with Calix, Orestes, and Jacen in Satyr from the Shadows.

I’m so exited to be writing these characters again.  I can’t wait to share Melancton’s book with you. In the meantime, if you missed this story, Ravaged Vol 2 is on sale for 3.99 from anywhere eBooks are sold.


In case you missed it: Today I took over the 12 Days of Holiday Magic event on facebook. All my prize posts are open until midnight tonight, and winners will be posted tomorrow on the event page and on my facebook page. Thank you to Paige Matthews and Becca Sellers for inviting me to come out and play!

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