Facebook “Like” Giveaway

Win a pair of Hermes wing anklets (unfortunately they will not give you the ability to fly nor super speed, but they do carry upon them much awesomeness).


Want to know how? Well…I’ll tell you. 😉

I have been coveting these anklets created by Chaos Costumes since I saw them on Etsy a year or two ago, and knew when Mercury Rising came out they would be an awesome giveaway option. However, as time passed the anklets were removed from the Etsy page (because they are making satyr hooves! Ermergerd!!!) So I messaged the shop owner, Blair Ondrla, and she was happy to still make a pair for me, but with Halloween around the corner (if you remember, Hermes’ novella came out on Halloween), there wouldn’t be enough time to get them made and sent. So I said I would try back after the holidays, and I got a pair! I was going to put them in the gift basket at Coastal Magic Con, but I also wanted to do something special with it for those who were not able to attend to win them. So I thought…why not on Facebook, because I wanted all my readers to get a chance to participate


1. Like me (Rebekah Lewis…in case there was confusion. lol) on facebook: HERE. Already liked me? Well good. You’re already entered! If you are just now liking my page and think that’s not fair, well, I don’t want ANY of my readers to feel left out of this contest because you all matter to me. But there is also ways get an additional entry (see below)

2. For a second entry into the giveaway, share the anklet graphic (pictured above) from my Facebook page. This way I can find it. If you share from another person’s share or post the graphic yourself I may not be able to see you have shared in order to add your name in to the generator on Random.org to draw the name.


The goal is to reach 500 likes. So however long it takes to reach the targeted number up to June 1, 2015 in which I will award the prize regardless. However, if you would like to sweeten the pot… This giveaway holds firm to the 500 likes limit, but if it can double that and hit 1000 by June 1, 2015, a lucky Facebook fan of mine will win an ARC of Satyr from the Shadows whenever it is available (because it hasn’t gone through edits yet so I cannot give a definite date on that at this time).


I will post the winners and contact them via private message on Facebook, and if no response after 10 days, will choose another winner. Contest is open to any one who likes my page, regardless of country. This is my thank you for standing beside me on Facebook and liking my page. 🙂


Disclaimers: this giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook nor Chaos Costumes, although I was given permission by Chaos Costumes to use their product for a giveaway promoting Mercury Rising at the time of commissioning the items.


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