Closing Doors and Autographed Print Copies For Sale

As May 1 looms at the end of the week, beckoning for rent and bills to be paid, BP is singing its swan song. There is a huge sale through friday on the site, where all ebooks are $0.49. As of now, BP is the only place to get my ebooks. I have the Vanishing ready to be formatted, I may have to do it this weekend depending on how the week goes, but hoping by Sunday that one will be back up and ready to go.

Meanwhile I have 11 copies of Under the Satyr Moon and 15 copies of Wicked Satyr Nights sitting on my shelf. with new editions coming out, I need to find homes for them. I have them on sale for 10 dollars a pop +$2.50 shipping. Their list price was $12.99 so it isn’t a huge difference, but I am doing the best I can. The proceeds to these book sales will go toward getting Satyr from the Shadows edited. The link to buy copies is HERE

Last but not least, Wonderland Tales won the Best Anthology category from Loves Romance Cafe. Thank you so much for voting. Mercury Rising did not place, but it was nominated for Best Fantasy/UF. Thank you so much for nominating me. 🙂



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