Whoa. I haven’t blogged in a while…

TheUnraveling_200x300Life has the tendency to run away from us. Rent payments, bills, credit card debt…these mean we have to work extra hard to make the money to continue living in some form of comfort.

The good news: The Unraveling seems to be on track to still release on December 4. It has completed edits. I am waiting on the print proof to give it one final read without the computer screen shining in my eyes. Once I do that, I can make the changes and get it up for pre-order. The bad news is it will be a short pre-order period because I am out of time to upload a revised draft into Amazon by a certain day to run it longer.

Lessons I have learned from this experience:

  1. Never set a release date before edits begin.
  2. Never set a release date for exactly a month after you begin you end of edits on something that is also going to print.
  3. Never print said release date on promo that makes you extra panicky when it looks like you may not make the deadline you set for yourself.

But hey, they say we learn from these mistakes, right?

lol on a lighter note, I have updated the front page of the site to reflect The Unraveling’s December release. Once I have some links for purchasing/pre-ordering I will let you all know!

Once I can finalize this book and get it loaded into the publishing systems, I will be 100% devoted to my time travel novella I want to release in the spring. After that, it’s back to the Satyroi for my next three releases. 🙂

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