Pre-order Contest

I attempted something I hadn’t before: a contest strictly for newsletter subscribers. With 68 subscribers so far I thought by doing so it would increase link clicks in the newsletters and perhaps entice new subscribers to sign up for future contests. At this I failed: I sent it out the week of a major family holiday and it was lost in the shuffle. No one has entered the contest. So this is why I am now opening the contest on my blog.

Win a Pegasus Christmas Ornament! (glitter everywhere from it for free, with love, from me… LOL)2015-11-23 21.40.29

How to enter: Pre-order The Unraveling or purchase the print copy LINKS HERE. The release date is Dec. 4. The print is out a week early because why not! Take a screencap or picture of your receipt (please do not picture addresses or any other personal information that may be showed. I just need to see that the order was made. I’ll contact the winner for their address at a later time.) Email the picture to me at

Winner’s name will be chosen at random on December 5th. Winner will be announced in the newsletter coming out that day, so if you are not already signed up, do so HERE.

theunravelingPBK005The Unraveling is a short novel (50,000 words) that concludes the story in the short story “The Vanishing,” while also focusing on the Hatter when Cadence’s sister, Melody, arrives in Wonderland. I hope you enjoy the story!

BONUS ENTRY: For those ordering the print copy, if you receive it by Friday, if you share a pic on facebook or twitter with it, tagging me, I will add a second entry to you!



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