Coming Soon: Through the Maelstrom

Two years ago I started drafting a time travel novella but had to shelf it to focus on my satyrs, shift from indie small publishing to self publishing, and well…for the most part I forgot about it. I finally completed the book, and it will be released May 6. For the time being I am going to release it exclusively on Amazon in digital format through Kindle Unlimited, but you will be able to order the print from other retailers. It will eventually go to other retailers in digital format, but I am not sure when.

What you should know: it is a stand alone story (will not develop into a series) and there is not a cliffhanger. It is set in present day, so even though the first scene has historical structure and the time travel enters paranormal/fantasy territory, it is mostly a contemporary story.

To read the blurb and preorder a copy on Amazon (only $0.99 before release day!), visit my Through the Maelstrom page HERE.

In March, I will be participating in a virtual book signing HERE. More details to come. I will be ordering the books at the end of the event, and will ship them out after I receive and sign them accordingly.

On May 7, I will be attending Retro Mega Comic Con in Savannah, GA to sell and sign print copies, including Through the Maelstrom. I will be creating a preorder option for that event after the virtual signing is complete. It is only $10 to attend the one day convention.

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