Box Sets!

paranormalmagic-2003x300As many of you know from Facebook, 2016 has been a rough patch. I had 2 more releases planned but work and bills got in the way and I had to push writing to the side to make sure the rent was paid, which mean I’ve been slacking on marketing and well…things aren’t looking so hot. lol To fill the release schedule with something while I work (slowly) on the last half of The Satyr Prince (By the way, Part 2 of the Hermes trilogy is completed, but since it overlaps part of The Satyr Prince I can’t release it until after that novel comes out) I have put The Unraveling, Wicked Satyr Nights, and Through the Maelstrom into 3 box sets in a hope that when my new releases hit in 2017 that my current readers (I love you guys) and many new ones will be there to get it.

*If* things go according to plan there will be a minimum of three releases in 2017, maybe more. I have a secret project in the works, but I’m not gonna announce it officially until I have an idea of when I can release it. Right now All I can tell you is The Satyr Prince should hit in the spring, Pride Before the Fall a month later, and The Enchanting (A Wonderland Adventure) will be summer or fall–if things go according to plan.

For now, if you haven’t read one of the three books in the Box Sets, grab it now! Or Share the links with your friends and gear them up toward the 2017 releases! TreasuredLoveSet_200x300

Romancing the Heart (contains The Unraveling)

Paranormal Magic (contains Wicked Satyr Nights)

Treasured Love (contains Through the Maelstrom) <–not on Amazon yet, but on Kobo, B&N, and iTunes for a limited Romancing the Heart_200time.

Links and more information on these collections HERE

All three will be available on KU. (Treasured Love will be sometime in December. It releases Nov 29. Paranormal Magic and Romancing the Heart are both on sale NOW only on Amazon)

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