Revisions, Sale Dates, and What Lies Ahead

tumblr_kxoa6j8Pca1qzj487o1_1280For those not following me on facebook or twitter, I just wanted to say Under the Satyr Moon is completed! Well, the first draft anyway. It needs some TLC before it is ready to go to my editor and then to all of you. But the longest part of the wait is over! Ariston can’t wait to hop on to your ereaders and tell you his story. He has the habit of going about things the wrong way (like not telling me what was going on in that horned head of his for MONTHS at a time! ugh!) so that should lead for some amusement. LOL

Second bit of news: Ravaged, Volume 2 goes on sale at Breathless Press on January 3, 2014. Mark your calendars and be prepared for a short but sexy romp with Jacen!

What’s next, you ask? Well, I will tell you. I will be working on getting Ariston’s book polished for submission and I am anticipating that happening in the first half of November if all goes well. My day job is insane in December, so I probably won’t get a whole lot done writing wise until January, but I will try to get Hermes’s novella underway. You are probably wondering why he’s getting a novella and not a novel?

Hermes likes to stick his nose into everyone’s business. He likes to stir the pot and spew out information others would prefer kept secret to see how people react to the news. He’s a messenger, but he doesn’t always delivered messages that were meant to be delivered. And he also is a Grade-A scene thief, so I wanted to give him some room to play without giving him a POV in the novels which have several different ones already. (WSN had 3. UtSM has 4). A novella gives me a chance to go into his POV and let him go crazy as the center of attention. There is going to be a little bit of overlap in the upcoming novella with Melancton’s book, which I will begin once I get the novella ready. I can’t tell you why, but Hermes is going to play a major role in making Melancton’s plot set itself into motion.

Hermes is getting 3 novellas total through the course of the series, the final one will take place after the series ends, as a kind of coda to the series. I am not anticipating more than 7 novellas, but if one of the other satyrs (there are a lot of them) speak up and demand some time in the spotlight I may cave and do another. We will see how it plays out.

After I get through the Christmas season I will begin Melancton’s novel, In the Shadow of the Satyr. I know several readers are anxiously waiting for that one 😛  *teases*

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