WSN Has Been Re-edited and Partially Revised

WickedSatyrNights 140x210Even though it was something I didn’t want to do, because I know it seriously irks me when books get changed after publication, Wicked Satyr Nights has been re-edited since it is going to print. The eBook version will be updated sometime in January as well to reflect the changes.

Let me begin by stating that I am in no way out to bad mouth anyone that worked with me on the first edition of the Wicked Satyr Nights. However, to those of you who did go out and purchase the book, you know without me pointing it out what the technical issues were. I am not going to dwell upon it, as it no longer matters because, for all intents and purposes, the issues are fixed.

Unless of course you didn’t like the story or the plot or characters because none of is changing. All the revisions have been technical or enhancing of the narration as a whole. In short, when WSN got the go ahead for print, I spoke with my new editor about the unfortunate errors that had made it to publication. Because it hadn’t been edited as well as it should have been, I knew I needed to improve it however I could in order to justify the higher print pricing. (which is set by the manufacturer and not the author or the publisher.)

I am much happier with the state WSN is in now. I turned in the last looks this weekend to my new editor, Leona Bushman, whom I adore, and she has promised to make UtSM bleed if necessary and prevent putting my books or my readers through the craziness of a revision after publication twice. I have absolute faith in her, and my only regret is that the new version wasn’t what was put out a year ago. It also jumped about 5,000 words in length while I fixed vague spots and elaborated certain things. But there is nothing added that you would have really missed otherwise, though it may have been explained better. I didn’t change anything about the plot.

It no longer matters because the new, improved, WSN is going into paperback and digital in January 2014. I know BP has an option to send update copies to buyers, and I am not sure how the ones purchased elsewhere will be handled but we will find a way. I would recommend if anyone does buy it before the reissue is out, to do it from the publisher’s website. I will let you know when the ebook re-issue is available. The print edition is slated for January 24, 2014.

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