Ravaged Blog Tour: Calix and Orestes

Hi everyone! As you know, Ravaged: Volume 2 is now available from Breathless Press, Amazon, All Romance, Smashwords, and Bookstrand. There is also 7 chances to win a copy by participating in the blog tour stops mentioned in this post. The widget is having issues with WordPress, so there is a text link to Rafflecopter at the end of the post for the giveaway. I am posting this in the wee hours, but when I wake up I will be answering questions in the comments. Now…let’s get to the real reason you wandered over: feisty satyrs!

RavagedVol2_453x680My first impression upon stepping into the lobby of The Aegean Inn is that I’m under the deep blue waters of the sea in which the hotel is named for. Blue hues deck out much of the interior decoration, and while it is at first overwhelming, it isn’t displeasing. I stop in my tracks when I come face to face with Prince Evander, who eyes me speculatively. He questions my motives of interviewing Calix and Orestes rather than Jacen or him, and I reply that while I love the four of them equally, Jacen is otherwise pre-occupied and the other two are a bit more carefree and willing to answer me openly. Vander simply remarks, “That’s what I’m worried about,” before turning on his heel and exiting the room. He pokes his head back through the doorway and grunts that I should follow him, and I feel almost as though I should curtsey or bow or something before obeying, him being royalty and all.

In the backroom there are cushy chairs and a couch, and a television is turned off as I enter. Calix sets the remote control down on the coffee table and stands. He takes my hand in his and kisses my knuckles. His long golden waves frame his face and he smiles at me warmly. Orestes enters from another doorway on the opposite side of the room and smiles widely. He rushes over to embrace me, like we’re long-term friends. Vander clears his throat and Orestes steps away, his grin wry as he brushes a short, dark lock of hair out of his eye. He’d cropped his hair short, but it is growing out again.

Calix and Orestes seat themselves on the couch and I take one of the armchairs. I sink into it and suppress a sigh. Vander crosses his arms and pins the other two with his narrowed gaze. He tells them not to act out, not to unclothe (and I feel my eyes widen that he thinks they would do so in my presence), and that while I know they are satyrs that doesn’t mean I need to see them as such. I am guessing he forbids them to show me their, er, horns.

When Vander finally leaves, reluctantly, the other two glance at each other and share a look of amusement, and then they fix their stares onto me and I can’t help but shiver at the intensity of it.

REBEKAH: Good morning, guys. I hope you had a pleasant night’s sleep.

CALIX: Define “sleep.”

—He grins widely. Orestes rolls his eyes. —

REBEKAH: Er… Anyway. I have a list of questions from readers, and I would like you to answer them as best you can.

ORESTES:  I will be perfectly willing to conduct personal interviews. One on one. With anyone who wishes.

CALIX: What a whore.

ORESTES: Why would you say that? I didn’t offer sex. I said interview.

CALIX: One on one interviews. I know you. You would end up naked two questions in.


CALIX: Vander will kill him if he makes a move on you, Rebekah. No worries.

—I am not sure if I am relieved or annoyed by this.—

REBEKAH: Okay then, first question… from Pyxi Rose: When will we get Ariston’s book?

CALIX: You’re the author, not us. Why can’t you answer it?

ORESTES: Don’t push it off on us just because you took sooooo long to write it.

CALIX: Some of us are patiently waiting for our turns, you know.

REBEKAH: *sigh* Well, all I know is it is going to be edited starting this week. I would say March or April for release but even I don’t know.

ORESTES: Then how would we know? Sheesh. Go to Delphi if you want and oracle.

REBEKAH: From Decadent Kane: When is your favorite time to get naked and how do you say “lover” in satyr speak?

CALIX: When someone calls themselves “Decadent.”  Oh yeah, that’s just invitation to be naked. And we don’t have a special satyr language, so I wouldn’t say “lover,” so much as show you. If you ask nice.

ORESTES: Always. Always is the time to be naked.

REBEKAH: Leona Bushman asks, “So…Is it true what they say?”

ORESTES: About what?

CALIX: Yeah, what? Do you knoooooooooooooow how many ways we can go with this statement? Is it true that satyrs are the best lovers? Yes.

ORESTES: Is it true that satyrs can go all night? Yes.

CALIX: Is it true Calix is packing way more than Orestes? Hell yes.

ORESTES: That’s actually a lie.

REBEKAH: Hailey Edwards wants to know if you guys clean your own hooves or do the nymphs do it for you?

ORESTES: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

CALIX: Nymphs, if we could find them, have better things to do with their hands and…other parts.

ORESTES: I feel obligated to point out that we bathe regularly.

REBEKAH: Debbie Dalme asks if sex is better in human or satyr form?

CALIX: Human form is a glamour, so technically we are always in satyr form, but it is hidden.

ORESTES: What he said, though it is much easier to GET sex in human form.

REBEKAH: Jennifer Zeffer wants to know when Melancton will visit her.

ORESTES: Do we look like Melancton’s keeper?

—he shoots Calix a look—

CALIX: Haven’t seen Melancton in years. And by years I mean three thousand plus.

REBEKAH: Are you su—


REBEKAH: Okay then…next question from Dawn Brower: If you didn’t have to hunt for a nymph, who would your perfect mate be? Furthermore, if there were only one nymph left, which one of you would she choose and why?

—Calix lets out a whistle. Orestes stares at me and merely blinks—

CALIX: Well, apparently, some of us have decided waiting on a nymph has gotten old. But if I wasn’t hoping to find a nymph I have a thing for blondes.

ORESTES: Because he doesn’t want prettier hair than his woman.

CALIX: Shut up. I like them fair and delicate and dainty and all around feminine.

ORESTES: I don’t have a preference like Mr. Picky Pants here. I’d want them strong, able to stand on their own. Capable of taking me down a peg or two, of putting me in my place, but also who craves me like the very breath they breathe.

­—Calix studies Orestes with a frown, but chooses not to make the comment I can tell is hovering on his tongue—

REBEKAH: And if there were one nymph left, who would she choose?

ORESTES: Obviously the most handsome, strongest, most sexually satisfying satyr left—me.

CALIX: That’s bull. Nymphs love me.

ORESTES: Which explains why you are attracting them like flies to honey.

CALIX: How would you know? We can’t see them. For all you know there is a swarm of them in here swooning over my every gesture.

­—The three of us look around the room, as if a nymph will appear out of thin air—

ORESTES: You’re full of shit.

CALIX: More like full of awesome. Get with it.

REBEKAH: Well, I think that is it. Those are the only questions I received.

ORESTES: That’s it? You mean people aren’t chomping at the bit to know about us? How much effort did you really put into this?

REBEKAH: I asked on Facebook multiple times. I even cornered friends and fellow authors!

CALIX: But you didn’t follow up on those friends, did you? Hmm? No, you didn’t. And now here we are, without questions during an interview.


ORESTES: You. Yes, you.

CALIX: I suppose we will have to find other ways to occupy the rest of our time now.

ORESTES: Naked Twister?

REBEKAH: Do you always have to be naked?


CALIX: No, no. Not that. I want to play…tickle the author until she reveals our fates.

REBEKAH: Oh God. Not that.

CALIX: Mwa ha ha.


ORESTES: Yesssss.

Luckily, Calix and Orestes did not get to follow through with their threats because Vander arrives in the nick of time (my hero!) and I am able to escape, sans tickles.

Anyway… You can meet Calix, Orestes, and Vander as the secondary characters in “Midnight at the Satyr Inn.” The short story is in the Ravaged Volume 2, anthology AVAILABLE NOW from Breathless Press and wherever eBooks are sold.

The characters in “Midnight at the Satyr Inn” will return in book 3 of The Cursed Satyroi series, Shadow of the Satyr.

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18 thoughts on “Ravaged Blog Tour: Calix and Orestes”

  1. YAY- I can reply and man have I been holding my tongue— By the way Satyrs…shoots them a smoldering look….I ask for nothing,..others beg for me…Do you know how to get on your knees?

    Rebekah- Fabulous interview.

  2. Wonderful job! Midnight at the Satyr Inn was definitely a VERY memorable story from this collection. I especially loved having not one, not two, but FOUR sexy satyrs to lust over.

    1. Thank you! According to Orestes, Calix has always favored the fairer haired ladies, but he doesn’t limit himself. And Orestes says you know where to book a room next time you are in Savannah LOL

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