Website re-design

First of all, Satyr from the Shadows has been accepted by Breathless Press. It is my longest novel yet, cutting past 100,000 words and it is a doozy! It will probably be fall before it releases (first come first serve in the publishing world lol) but I cannot wait to get that book into your hands!

As you saw earlier, I had a design fail by creating my printable book list page as a blog post. oops! But other than still being unable to get a mailing list embedded in this site, the new design and features are up! I have a link to my Authorgraph page, there is finally a pronunciation guide in the extras for those still unsure how to say Satyroi or Melancton. I was going to wait for Satyr from the Shadows to be close to release day to do it, but decided I needed to spruce it up anyway. Have a look around. 😀

The Hermes Wing Anklet giveaway on Facebook is still going on. So close you guys!

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