Satyr from the Shadows: ON SALE NOW

SATYRFROMTHESHADOWSIt’s here! It’s here! Melancton has arrived at long last! Today is the LAST DAY to get your copy of Satyr from the Shadows at $2.99. (It will be $4.99 starting tomorrow).

The first few reviews have started appearing on Goodreads and Amazon. I am so glad readers are loving this book!

Need to be persuaded to pick up a copy? If you like paranormal romance, sexy men, Greek mythology, snark, a strong hero who actually is too much of a gentleman for his own good, a heroine who refuses to buckle under pressure and torment, an obsessive villain who may or may not be out of his gods-damn mind, a beautiful Amazon warrior with a vampiric nature and zero fucks to give, and Hermes testing Zeus’ patience to the utmost limits….well….you will enjoy this book. It has all that. With horns.

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